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Need To Replace Your Wireless Mics?

Beware of the 900MHz Solution

The recent deadline for ending use of wireless mics in the 700 MHz frequency range has led many wireless users, both pro and amateur, to face replacement decisons regarding their microphones. Now that the June 12, 2010 deadline has passed, these units are no longer legal to use.

One solution currently being pushed by some equipment sellers involve replacing 700 MHz range mics with those that operate in the 900 MHz range. Going this route could lead to lots more trouble than you might have by simply ignoring the new 700MHz law.

If your wireless mic use is in the U.S, then using a 900 MHz system trespasses on spectrum licensed for use by radio stations to transmit their signals from the originating studio to the broadcast tower. These are very narrow range transmissions completely unlike the radio station broadcast you might listen to in your car. They are very susceptible to interference, even from a very low power device like a wireless microphone.

Choosing to replace your wireless mics with a unit operating in the 900 MHz range could lead the FCC right to your door. You can expect a serious fine as part of the problems you will face.


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Jeff Harrison

-Jeff Harrison is a sound person and special event producer who lives in works in Chapel Hill, NC. His most recent work includes producing professional school commencement exercises for the University of North Carolina.

He can be contacted at jeff@wirelessmic.net


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